FAQs on Young Living Essential Oils

I’m sure you have questions about Young Living Essential Oils. What are essential oils, what’s so special about Young Living, what are sesquiterpenes, what is adulteration,…? I love these graphics created by Dolf Cheng, a fellow Young Living who so generously shares his artwork freely with everyone all over the world. I think they do an awesome job of answering some of the FAQs on Young Living Essential Oils. I shall add to them over time.

What are essential oils?

What is EO

What is steam distillation?

What is steam distillation

What is therapeutic-grade?

What is therapeutic grade

What are adulterated oils?

What is adulteration

What is aromatherapy?

What is aromatherapy

What are sesquiterpenes?

What is sesquiterpene

What is inhalation?

What is inhalation

What is dilution?

What is dilution

What is ingestion?

What is ingestion

What is the blood brain barrier?

What is blood brain barrier

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