Unexpected use of Young Living 3 Wise Men

My threshold for pain is rather high, I think. My allergy to common pain-killers has trained me to sleep off or endure headaches and other body pains, before essential oils came into my life. I bore 3 children naturally without epidural (yes, crazy & foolish to some) so I think my pain threshold is high, in fact very high! I’m an endurer! But I’m a wimp when I’m getting unwanted facial hair removed by loops of fine cotton thread. I cry when the thread is on my upper lip. The tears flow spontaneously.


If you don’t know what I am talking about, it is threading of the eyebrow and upper lip. Traditional Indian (I think) way of removing unwanted facial hair using cotton thread that has become a modern norm to tidy up the face. So I went for a session today. No pain no gain. I go once every 2 months or so. I’m fine with the eyebrow threading but just can’t handle the upper lip threading without tears. I would have stopped doing it if not for the package I signed up more than a year ago. They were very persuasive. After today’s session, I still have 10 sessions left! Today, the therapist started with the lip and just a couple of pulls of the thread made my tears flow. Then I thought about my essential oils! There must be an oil for that! I quickly stopped the therapist and dug into my bag for my oils. I reached out for Abundance and 3 Wise Men. I remembered the wonderful oils that went into 3 Wise Men – Sandalwood, Frankincense and Myrrh – and took it. I told the therapist that I needed to apply the oil on my face to relieve the pain. She was amused. The tears stopped flowing and I didn’t feel much pain! Previously, my upper lip would smart for at least 20 minutes after the session and feel somewhat raw for a few hours but it didn’t today! The therapist noticed that I didn’t cry or wince and remarked “Wow! Your magic oil!” and reminded me to apply on my brows before she started threading there. I think I should be able to complete the 10 sessions without procrastinating or wimpiness with 3 Wise Men!


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