Testimony of Mom of Autistic Child

Brain Power

I just have to share this testimony of mom with an autistic child with you immediately after I received her email tonight! Let’s call her Jane. Jane read my previous post on using Young Living Essential Oils for autistic children as shared by a psychologist working with special needs children, Genevieve Chua, and contacted me to help her get the essential oils. She has been using Brain Power, Frankincense and Vetiver for about a month. I’ll let you read exactly what she wrote me:

Yes, my 4 yr old son used Brain power, frankincense & vetiver over the past 1 month. The improvement is shocking. I would never believe in how powerful oils work until I tried on him. Frequent 1 drop a day. About 5-6 times a day. 
Firstly, as you know, children with autism have sensitive taste buds & feeding them is a tiring task. His appetite increases tremendously after oiling. Weight increased by  2.5kg over 1 month. That is from 12 to 15kg! He used to toss and turn while sleeping but now the quality of sleep has improved so much! He can sleep throughout the night! 
My family members notice the change in him, especially when he is able to say phrases that we never heard of, he is also able to sing songs with greater clarity, he is much happier attending school and yes, most importantly, sudden interest in people, especially in his peers and his siblings. In terms of speech, he is able to comment and reply. Last month before oiling, I did not even thought he could do that! I seriously recommend vetiver n brain power! They work wonders! 


I am very grateful to Jane for sharing her testimony with me – this is what makes us oilers excited and recharged to share with more people about the healing power of God through the plants He has given to us. Do share with friends who are struggling with autism, you’ll never know how much you will help them until you share. Drop me a line if you have seen positive changes in your child after using essential oils. I would love to hear from you!

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