Staying balanced – Female Hormonal Balance Support Chart

Hormonal balance, who doesn’t want it? Are you convinced of the benefits of Young Living Essential Oils and products for hormonal balance but are like me, unable to remember what to what and when to apply them? How about a handy chart to tell you what to use? Here’s one I made! I have been diligently using Progessence Phyto Plus daily and don’t usually need any reminders to apply it right before bed. The results have been awesome! Read my previous post about how it works. But I couldn’t remember what else to use for the other hormones, and when to use them.

Taming the Dragon Within book by David and LeAnne Deardeuff has been a wonderful resource in my quest for balance. It’s a short and easy-to-read book, and it lays out the essential oils and products to use each day for the optimum balance. Although I have a fairly good memory, there was no way I could remember what day of the cycle I was in AND to recall which products to use. Often, I would kid myself into thinking that my super memory would do it! LOL!

So I started wishing for a chart to refer to. Heck, with my brain scattered with the millions I have to everyday, I didn’t have the time or brain to jot down what I should use. Alright, honestly, it was laziness that stopped me from doing that. I was referring to the book every few days until I finally decided to tackle the problem head-on, like a woman!

Eventually, I made a chart! It didn’t materialise as quickly as I had hoped. Spent many hours trying to find a way to create the circles to show the days of the female cycle, and then to add in the bubbles. Those bubbles. Getting them to the right size and position! Man, was it tough!!

It took more iterations and editing to make it what it is now. It’s pretty and it works! I’m pretty proud of my work! I’ve printed out little cards which fit into a purse easily or be stuck on the fridge or boards without getting lost. I’m giving them out to people who join in a PPP Challenge over in my Facebook Group, BeautiFULL Life. Head over there and join in the fun!

Female Hormonal Balance Support Chart

What essential oils to use through the monthly cycle

For the digital age we are in, this picture can be downloaded as a picture onto your phone. I just ask that you would not remove my name and contact details from the picture when you make copies or reproduce it in any way. I’m happy to share if you respect my intellectual property rights.

I hope that you will find this chart handy and helpful. Refer to my chart and use Young Living to stay balanced!

If you would like to learn how to use this chart, Progessence Phyto Plus and other Young Living products, contact me here. Or go here to find out how to become a Young Living member.

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