Natural Mascara with Lavender for Long Eyelashes

Natural mascara with eyelashing growing lavender

I’d love to have long, luscious and curly eyelashes – naturally. Nature has not given me much or noticeably-long eyelashes – not a biggie – it’s just nice to have but I don’t cry over them. They are not major issues, kwim? Besides, I can always get some help from an eyelash curler and heavy-duty volumising lengthening mascara! My problem is that I can’t be bothered with the pain to remove the heavy-duty mascara on a regular basis. The more super-duper the mascara, the more pain to remove. Forget it. Oh, and sometimes I get dark-circles at the end of the day no matter how waterproof the mascara is. It is perplexing how it can get onto my face so easily but it’s so hard to remove thereafter.

So an all natural mascara that helps my eyelash to grow is totally for me! So much so that I did the crazy thing to make it myself. Used to think that I would not be fanatic enough to make my own make-up. Now I have done it! It’s not too difficult really. *beams*

I followed the instructions in this blog, except that I didn’t use activated charcoal but added my mineral eye colours to make the black and teal mascara. I added Young Living Lavender essential oil which is the special ingredient to boost eyelash growth. One batch would have been enough for me to share with a couple of friends but since I already have gathered the ingredients and set up the stove and double boiler, I couldn’t stop at one! Maybe this is why many who make their own make-up ended up with a business.

Found mascara tubes on Aliexpress – 2 dozens of them. Piped the mascara in with plastic bags. Although the containers have a capacity of 10ml each, I could only fill each up with 2 grams of the mascara so that they will close properly. That’s how I ended up with 18 tubes of mascara!

The mascara has been working well for me. No extra volume boost but it can hold up my manually-curled eyelashes for most of the day. It’s safe for children since it has no chemical or synthetic ingredients so my daughter gets a special treat once in a while. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the bonus feature of this all natural mascara – it’s so easy to remove! I don’t even bother with eye make-up remover or even check if all of it is removed from my lashes. Everything in the mascara is beneficial for the skin and face anyway.

I’m giving them out to my friends who wanted to try. In return, they will measure their eyelashes and report their growth. So exciting! I hope to show you pictures of long and luscious eyelashes soon!

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