Kicking Toxins Out of Your Home


Kicking toxins out of your home!


Is your home a safe haven for your family? Would you scream if your children ate off the floor, or the table or the kitchen counter? Can you breathe deeply and freely? Are you worried that your children may accidentally harm themselves with the cleaning liquids, toilet cleaner, bleach, window cleaner, extra-strength floor cleaner stored under the kitchen or bathroom sink? Or have you locked those bottles away or kept them out of reach of the curious little ones?

Did you know that more than 90% of poisoning incidents happened at home? Besides those obvious poison, there are also hidden toxins in many products we use at home. Substances that can harm us physically, mentally and emotionally. Yes, they can affect how our brains function and how we feel. Do we really need all those poisonous substances to keep our homes clean? Are there safe alternatives? Do they work well?

Come sit with me as I talk about the common toxins lurking in household products and personal care products, and share with you the safe alternatives that I use. Learn what to look out for when buying these products, what alternatives are, and how to make some of them for much less money and with safe ingredients easily. It’s not difficult! I’ll share with you steps, cheat sheets and tips to make this switch easier! I’ll be going on Facebook Live on 13 January 2018, Saturday, at 10am. Thereafter, I will be posting on Facebook information, cheat sheets and tips for you to refer to. You can watch me live or catch the replay anytime this weekend. It is absolutely free!

Register here now and join in on Saturday! Invite your friends to the event too. They will thank you later.

Make your home a safe haven where your loved ones can thrive physically, mentally and emotionally. Hop on over here on Saturday, 13 January 2018!

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