How to get Vetiver Essential Oil in Singapore? – updated

image009Following my previous post on using essential oils to support children with autism, I have been asked where to get Vetiver, the essential oil found to be the most effective for improving brain function. The Young Living Vetiver is currently available only from the USA office and Young Living members can purchase it from the USA office. Log in to the USA Virtual Office and place your order, but you may find the shipping cost too prohibitive (starts from US$25).

We frequently have shopping sprees to purchase items from the USA to save on shipping costs. Vetiver is one of the top items and so we have stocked up on a few bottles. If you would like a bottle or if you would like to join in the spree, drop me a line!

Here are a few of my favourite items from the USA:

  • Vetiver – for improving brain function
  • Christmas Spirit – lovely to diffuse
  • Raven – for my son’s cough (he has a history of asthma)
  • Pine – for lung infection & respiratory conditions & lovely to diffuse too
  • True Source – daily source of supplements from real food, I feel energised!
  • Mineral Essence – not the best tasting but great for my iron deficiency
  • Essentialzyme 4 – the hubs like this to help with his digestion
  • Satin facial mint scrub – need to exfoliate two to three times a week, smells heavenly
  • Balance Complete – it has come up in my Zyto scan and I believe it’s to replenish the minerals that I lack!


  • Carrot seed essential oil – for making sunscreen
  • Patchouli – scar-be-gone blend ingredient, great for mature skin (can you believe that mature skin refers to those aged 35 and above?)

I’m trying out the new products from Convention 2014, will tell you how I find them! Read about them here, in the meantime.



A parcel arrived today with these:

UPDATE 1 Sep 2014

You can now purchase items such as Young Living products that are not available in the Singapore office and reference books (more items coming soon) from our store, here online!

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