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Since attending the class by Dr Sabina DeVita last Saturday, ideas have been brewing inside my head about conducting a hands-on class or one of those co-op parties in which friends come together to prepare the ingredients of frozen meals and everybody takes a pack home, for home-made, all natural, chemical free household cleaners and personal care products. It may be daunting to some to whip up these home-made concoctions but in a group, the work is divided out and the efforts multiplied. Everyone will bring home a few concoctions. Of course, it is more fun to have a group of ladies to chat and laugh with while we learn about why commercially-made harmful cleaners may be harmful to us.

I’m talking about air-freshening spray, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, disinfecting surface sprays, toilet cleaner, kitchen scrub, facial spray, vapour rub, body lotion,… You’ll get the recipes and tips to use at home, and learn how to use the Thieves Household Cleaner. I’m sourcing for the ingredients (besides the Young Living Essential Oils), spray bottles and containers. Have found where to get washing soda in Singapore! In bulk and inexpensive! Class participants will share the cost of the ingredients and everybody gets to share in the economies of scale.


(Took this picture off the internet. After I get my plan together, I’ll work on pretty labels!)

Using all natural, chemical free, essential oil-infused cleaning products not only keeps you away from the harmful effects of chemicals but can actually benefit you and your family! The myriad ways that essential oils can improve our health and cognitive functions can be released into our homes through the use of these cleaning products.

How does that sound to you? I’m excited! Leave me a comment if you’re interested to participate and indicate if you prefer a weekday or weekend, morning or afternoon. If you have contacts on where I could get good quality spray bottles, let me know too!

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