Aroma Complete – Day 6 – Believe

Young Living Believe

Believe is one of my favourite blends. The fragrance is divine. It picks me up in the morning with the refreshing scent, perfumes me lightly, perks me up in the afternoon when I feel sleepy, soothes me when I feel stressed and anxious, and also calms me to sleep at night. Besides Thieves, Believe has been my most-used oil blend since the new blend was launched at the 2013 Young Living International Convention, in tandem with the Convention’s theme of “Believe”.

Believe helps release the unlimited potential everyone possesses. It restores feelings of hope, making it possible to more fully experience health, happiness and vitality.

Essential Oils Desk Reference, Sixth Edition

Those of you who have been reading my posts may have gathered that I don’t take at face-value the abstract and more complex benefits that some of the essential oil blends are touted to have on a person’s spiritual state or sense of purpose. For example, I don’t believe that Abundance will give anyone wealth and abundance, or using 3 Wise Men will make one wise right away, without anything else happening. Go back to my previous posts on Abundance and 3 Wise Men to understand what I mean. Likewise, I don’t believe that using the Young Living Essential Oil Blend Believe will make anyone a believer of whatever right away. *chuckle*

So let’s look at the ingredients in Believe:

  1. Idaho Balsam Fir – grounding, stimulating to the mind and relaxing to the body. Opens emotional blocks and recharges vital energy. It gives a feeling of strength and inner peace.
  2. Coriander – has long been revered as a home remedy for relieving feelings of nausea, aiding digestion, and supporting healthy immune function.
  3. Bergamot – is simultaneously uplifting and calming, with a unique ability to relieve anxiety, stress, and tension.
  4. Frankincense – stimulates the limbic part of the brain, elevating the mind and helping to overcome stress and despair. It is used in European medicine to combat depression.
  5. Idaho Blue Spruce – has an aroma that is grounding, stimulating to the mind, and relaxing to the body.
  6. Ylang Ylang – promotes relaxation, balances male and female energies, restores confidence and equilibrium, and alleviates insomnia.
  7. Geranium – assists in balancing hormones. It is antispasmodic, relaxant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and stimulates the liver and pancreas.

Reading through the ingredients list and the benefits of each oil, it’s not a wonder that I love Believe, isn’t it? The word, believe, used in the name, relates more to the feelings of hope than to the trust in the religious sense. With the mind cleared and stimulated, body relaxed and rested and hormones balanced, one should have a positive outlook and hence, a stronger believe that life is good or will get better. Isn’t it amazing that our body, mind and emotions are so inter-connected, that taking care of one area can benefit the other two? This speaks much about why wellness and healing should be done wholistically and not in isolation.

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