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If you have been following my posts on the Aroma Complete, started here, you may have noticed 2 things. First, I have not been posting 5 times a week and I’m not doing it in alphabetical order. I realised that I was not doing the essential oils justice to skim through them. My intention is to use each one and give you my thoughts and experience, and I can’t do that so quickly for new oils. So I’ll be posting at least 1 oil that is familiar to me and 1 that is new to me. Extra will be bonus! Cool? So let’s get on to Aroma Complete – Day 4 Thieves!

I chose to write about Thieves today because there is a  nasty bug out there and many people I know have caught it. Superbug that causes high fever for days and days or severe headaches. Thieves is a anti-superbug essential oil blend. It’s the most-used oil in my family. Whenever I need to chalk up PV to meet my Essential Rewards minimum or to get a promotion freebie, I add Thieves to my order.

The top ten uses of Thieves at our home:

  1. Natural antibiotic together with Frankincense and Oregano. It has kept us away from the doctor for almost 2 years! Whenever we feel a bug coming, we pop a capsule with half the dosage shown in the picture and we usually feel better after 1 or 2 doses. Even the youngest took it when he was 5 years old.
    Natural Antibiotic - Thieves Oregano Frankincense
  2. Diffuse it when someone is sick to kill the airborne bacteria or virus, or when I am decluttering or creating lots of dust. Once when I was going through winter clothes which had been stored away for years, I started coughing and sniffling from the dust and mold (I could smell the muskiness!). I quickly diffused Thieves to cleanse the air and I could breathe better and finished up my decluttering.
  3. Apply on the children’s feet before they attend any group class to protect them against any virus or bacteria other children may be carrying.
  4. Thieves tea for sore throat or cold or cough (or 1 drop directly in throat).
    Thieves Tea
  5. Apply on feet before putting on shoes to freshen shoes and prevent smelly shoes & feet!
  6. 1 drop on thumb & press on roof of mouth for headaches.
  7. Dab on mouth ulcers – stings like crazy but it works!
  8. Mix a few drops in spray bottle of water to disinfect surfaces, air, cabinets and to keep pests away.
  9. Numbs pain from toothaches & actually gets rid of cavities and inflammation of gums!
  10. For those really itchy sandfly bites which Purification can’t handle

What is Thieves made of and why is it named Thieves?

Thieves Origin

I have read that if you do some research into the Royal English Archives, you’ll come across an interesting little tidbit – a recipe for “thieves’ oils.” I haven’t done the search myself so tell me if you have! True story – in the 17th century, when the Black Plague was spreading throughout all of Europe, a small band of marauding thieves seemed immune to the disease. They would enter the homes of Black Plague victims and have no fear of touching the sick or dead bodies as they searched for jewelry and money, while others would almost surely catch the deadly virus after contact with the sick or dead. When they were finally caught, the King demanded to know their secret.

Their secret was the herbs, spices and oils they rubbed on their bodies. Because they came from a long lineage of apothecaries, they had knowledge about how to use oils medicinally against disease. In exchange for a more lenient punishment, the King got the exact formulation they were using against the Black Plague and this saved his entire family from the disease.

Young Living created the blend Thieves from research based on this legend. This is a most amazing blend of highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious essential oils.

 Studies conducted at Weber State University (Ogden, UT) during 1997 demonstrated the killing power of these amazing oils against airborne microorganisms. The analysis showed that after 10 minutes of Thieves diffusion in the air, there was an 82% reduction in the gram positive Micrococcus luteus organism bioaerosol, a 96% reduction in gram negative Pseudomonas aeruginosa organism bioaerosol, and a 44% reduction in S. aureus bioaerosol (Chao SC, et al., 1998)

Essential Oils Desk Reference, Sixth Edition, Life Science Publishing

Thieves has the following ingredients:

  • Clove is one of the most antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, and anti-infectious of all essential oils.
  • Lemon has antiseptic-like properties and contains compounds that amplify immunity. It promotes circulation, leukocyte formation, and lymphatic function.
  • Cinnamon Bark is one of the most powerful antiseptics known and is strong antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.
  • Rosemary is antiseptic and antimicrobial. It is high in cineole – a key ingredient in antiseptic drugs.

Every household needs to have Thieves!! The strong and powerful kind that fights viruses, bacteria, mold, microbes, fungus and other yucky stuff!

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