Aroma Complete – Day 15 – Myrrh

Myrrh, ART Renewal Serum, Moisturiser

Do you have any essential oils unused in your stash? Or used just a bit and left aside? I have a few forgotten ones! One of which is Myrrh (look how worn the bottle label is!) It’s a precious oil used since ancient times for beauty and healing. Queen Esther from the Bible was bathed in myrrh for a year before she was presented to the king! The 3 wise men from the east presented gold, frankincense & myrrh to baby Jesus whom they worshipped as king. Many believed that these 3 gifts were the most precious at that time; myrrh was used after childbirth to aid in the recovery of the mom and baby.

I took out myrrh when my son had a chesty cough last week and applied it all over his chest. He didn’t like the smell too much but he could tell that it helped him. Next time, I won’t wait so long before applying it on him!

Since that night, I’ve been adding a drop of myrrh to the ART Renewal Serum and applying it on my face before the ART moisturizer. I’ve noticed that my skin has become more supple and smoother. Fine lines and dry skin, especially around the nose and cheeks, are not visible! I surprised myself when I touched my face and it felt so smooth.

Special Tips for using Myrrh

Myrrh oil hardens and becomes a solid over time, and you may find the bottle cap getting stuck if it is not opened for a while. Drip a few drops of V6 or any carrier oil under the rim of the cap to soften the myrrh resin for a few minutes before you try to unscrew the cap. The resin gets extremely hard so be warned and don’t hurt your palms while trying to unscrew the cap without first softening the resin! Yes, I had foolishly friction-burnt my fingers that way while testing the strength of the resin. To prevent the myrrh from hardening, put a drop of V6 on the orifice before you screw on the cap. And use the oil often!

Oh, I don’t recommend diffusing myrrh! The oil residue in the diffuser could harden and cause a buildup in the diffuser which is awfully hard to remove. Just inhale it straight from your palms or apply topically (dilute if it feels too thick) and feel like Queen Esther or a king! Share with me how myrrh works for you!

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