Aroma Complete – 122 Essential Oils – Day 2 Three (3) Wise Men


The Three Wise Men were the three wise men from the East who travelled to Jerusalem to visit Baby Jesus by following an unusually bright star. Their account was recorded in Mathew 2:1-12 in the Bible. I believe that the Young Living 3 Wise Men essential oil blend was named after them.

Young Living essential oil blends are named purposefully and one can usually tell of their intentions and purposes by their names. For example, Joy is meant to uplift one’s mood, Clarity helps to clear the mind and Gentle Babies is specially blended for babies. So what do you think are the purpose and intentions of the 3 Wise Men blend? What comes to your mind?


I had thought that the blend would make one wise! Or at least that it would clear up one’s mind. But after reading up on the component oils and more about the original 3 wise men, I think there is a lot more about being wise than my initial thought. @@

A little clarification before I go on. I know some people are not comfortable with how some essential oils are described to have spiritual effects. They find the spiritual stuff too “New Age”. I respect that as I have also struggled with this. I have since learnt that the essential oils work with our own intentions. If I don’t want to increase my spiritual awareness after using Frankincense, I won’t become spiritually more aware by using Frankincense. The oils have no magical or voodoo powers to trap or have a hold over you so as to fulfill their purposes when you use them. Frankincense stimulates the limbic part of the brain (the seat of emotions) and people have found that it helps them when they pray or worship and hence it is described to “increase spiritual awareness”. If you don’t like the spiritual benefit, don’t use the oil with that intention in mind. Frankincense has many other therapeutic benefits and was the oil that healed every known disease thousands of years ago. It would be a mistake not to use it just because one is not comfortable with its associated use for spirituality.

Moreover, if we use music (certain types of music) and lighting to create a conducive atmosphere to enhance our worship of God, why not add fragrance to the atmosphere?  If inhaling the essential oil can stimulate the limbic part of the brain and help us to focus on the worship and hence heighten our awareness of God’s presence, why not? My worship is still to God, not to the essential oil or to any other spirit. It is still good. I shall talk about this in another post someday.

Back to the 3 Wise Men. Quoting from the Essential Oils Desk Reference, Sixth Edition,

This blend of 3 Wise Men promotes feelings of reverence and spiritual awareness combined with the power of therapeutic-grade essential oils that open the subconscious…

It is made up of almond oil, Sandalwood, Juniper, Frankincense, Spruce and Myrrh. All the essential oils that make up this blend have been used by people of different parts of the world for their religious ceremonies. Spirituality aside, these essential oils have high levels of sesquiterpenes (I spelled it correctly! Yay!) that increases the amount of oxygen to the brain, and are antitumoral, antiviral, antibacterial and immune-stimulating, which can help strengthen our bodies’ immunity. This is another power blend!

What is sesquiterpene

Very importantly, how does it smell? When I first sniffed it at the Young Living office, it didn’t smell too pleasant, with a little sour tone. Many experienced oilers have advised that the essential oils smell different out of the bottle and so not to judge them by smelling them while in the bottle. How true that is for 3 Wise Men! I put a drop onto my palm (this one drips slowly because of the almond oil so you can have lots of control), dabbed with two fingers of the other hand and applied on my forehead. Of course, this blend has sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh which are wonderful to the skin, so they have to go to my frown line first! Dabbed more behind the ears and rubbed the rest in my palms and inhaled deeply. It definitely smelled better than I remembered. There was a slight cooling feeling on the skin which I suspect comes from Juniper. Perhaps. I’ll know for sure when I get to Juniper, the single oil.

This afternoon while I was going through a huge spreadsheet, I dozed off at my desk. I reached out to my usual afternoon pal, Clarity, but decided to use 3 Wise Men instead since I was supposed to find out how it worked for me. Applied a drop as before, drank a glass of water and I was ready to tackle the spreadsheet. It must have brought more oxygen to my brain to clear my mind and I was able to finish my work.

I must learn to write shorter posts but I wanted to understand more about why this name was chosen for this blend. Why is becoming more spiritual aware associated with the 3 wise men? Why were those men called wise? I read the passage from Matthew 2 and agree with the points raised in this blog post that those men were wise because:

    1. They paid attention. When a strange star rose, they studied and pursued it.
    2. They took action to seek where God was leading them to.
    3. They rejoiced when they found Jesus.
    4. They worshiped Jesus.
    5. They gave Jesus their best. This came in the form of elaborate gifts for them.

So paying attention, coming to God, worshiping Him with joy and giving Him our best (this could be our talents, our time, our hearts, our possessions, our lives) are keys to becoming wise! If the 3 Wise Men can help us to pay better attention to hear and see God, I want to pour it on me!

Next up – Abundance!

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