Aroma Complete – 122 essential oils – 122 days


My precious Aroma Complete set with 122 oils which I was rewarded with when I achieved the rank of Silver within 2 months of hitting Executive in Young Living’s Silver in Six campaign. (A few people commented that I shouldn’t say that I won it as it gives the impression that I didn’t do anything to get it and it felt like I had won the lottery instead.)

Although not new to essential oils, having this huge collection is overwhelmingly exciting! My 2 little ones labelled the bottles and arranged them in alphabetical order – it was a fun way to teach the 6 year-old how to arrange stuff in alphabetical order! We smelled each one as we labelled and again as we arranged them. No need to do school to learn useful things! *Score!*

I said having so many bottles is overwhelming because I can’t decide which one to use because I want to use them all! I have taken out a few to use – Ledum for the petrolchemical weight-loss protocol, Pine and Lemon Myrtle for son’s chesty cough, and Awaken and Dreamcatcher after hearing about how Gary Young uses them to pursue his dreams while sleeping. So how do I enjoy the rest of the oils?

A simple but effective mantra that I use in our homeschooling and my job is “Get started and tackle it one at a time”. I have learnt over the years that the key to a successful homeschooling year is not an elaborate plan, nor a fancy curriculum, nor a supermom, but  consistency! 15 minutes a day, every day, for 36 weeks (that’s how many weeks of school we do a year) add up to 2,700 minutes! Bit by bit, day by day, we can move a mountain which we can’t move in a day or week or month.

So I have decided to use 1 oil a day – read up on its properties, find testimonies for it, use it and write a post – for 122 days! I have also learnt to be realistic with my goals so I’ll commit to 5 oils a week which gives me 2 days of buffer each week. (updated 12 Aug 2014: laughing at myself for setting realistic goals which were unrealistic! I didn’t expect to have so much to write about each of the 3 oils so far and I can’t do 5 a week! I find that I need more time to try the new oils to do them justice. So I would say 1 new oil and 1 or 2 familiar oils a week. Anything extra is a bonus! I have other stuff to write about too.)

Arranged alphabetically, the first oil should be 3 Wise Men or Abundance, depending on whether you place the alphabet or numbers first , but I have chosen to start off with my current favourite – AWAKEN!
I’ll be using it in the morning. Check back tomorrow to find out how it helped me!

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